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Hello I’m Kat

My passion is to change people’s lives so they can experience more health, vitality and freedom.
Personal health & wellness is critically important to me. But the journey wasn’t always easy. I struggled with body Image and self-confidence in the past but found a way to have a healthy relationship with food. Intuitive, mindful eating has had lasting results. I can honestly say I love how I look and feel! I want you to wake up each morning and feel the same way.

My Life, My Skills




Lifestyle Coach




Business Mentor


Graduate Gemologist


Diamond Expert


Fitness Trainer


Workout Junkie


Nutrition Educator


Fun Lover




Relationship Builder








Whole Food Plant-Based Eater


Organic Urban Vertical Farmer


Beauty & Image Consultant


Creator of Healthy Lifestyles


Trainer of Exotic Felines


Why I’m Here

Living well is an intentional act. How are you showing up each day? What are you doing to invest in your own wellness? Having great health and incredible energy makes you feel so alive! And guess what? It is well within your own power to create that for yourself!
Nature holds the secrets to a beautiful and healthy life. Let me use my wisdom and experience to help you harness nature’s gifts to feel empowered and be proactive in living your best, most energetic life! You will look fantastic and feel amazing! Transformation is well within your reach.
I invite you to explore what I’m doing, and if something resonates with you please reach out. I would love to get to know you and offer my expertise.

Business Mentorship

I love being my own boss…from operating successful home-based businesses to owning a prestigious fine diamond and jewelry store. The freedom and lifestyle is amazing! Ever dream what it would feel like to own your own home-based business – centered on inspiring healthy living – where you can set your own schedule? Financial independence and time freedom created from being your own boss allows you to enjoy the important things in life. Maybe it’s time for you to take action!

Inspiring and
Mentoring Youth

I love inspiring and mentoring our youth to learn how to live active and healthy lives. I do this by forging partnerships with community sponsors through my NUTRIENT RICH KIDS “Growing Good Health” program. When kids have a hand in learning to garden and produce food, we are empowering them to live healthier lives.

Diamond and Gem Expert

Being a GIA Graduate Gemologist sourcing the world to buy beautiful diamonds – and owning a fine jewelry store for over 20 years – I am your experienced and trusted source.
Now as a private concierge jeweler, I help clients all over the country have a truly unique and personalized diamond and jewelry buying experience. You will find the perfect diamond and setting at fair and competitive pricing.

My Services, My Brands

Shred 10

A lifestyle change program that helps you take care of the one body you have. It’s a fun, effective, and do-able jump-start to better health.

Juice Plus+

Yes! The same brand proven in prestigious medical and scientific journals. Juice Plus+ whole food capsules, shakes & chews.

Tower Garden

Want a garden but don’t have the space or the ideal growing conditions? Get vertical! Tower Garden grows greens, herbs, tomatoes & vegetables indoor/outdoor year-round.

Nutrient Rich Kids

The school and community gardening program tied to academics to teach kids to grow their own food & live healthy, active lives.

Diamonds and Jewelry

Personalized concierge service to make your diamond and jewelry experience truly unique!

Freedom Revolution

Partner with us to inspire healthy living in others and create an amazing lifestyle for yourself…

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