Welcome to your new healthier lifestyle. Welcome to The Shred Movement.

Are you ready…

Are you ready to be your best self and finally be happy with the way you look and feel? Do you want to have more energy and focus? Get leaner and have less bloat? Shred10™ can help you have this! And it easily fits into any busy lifestyle.

“Like a lot of people I live a very busy personal and professional life and I need to have the energy and good health to get me through the day. The Shred10™ lifestyle has helped me look fantastic and feel amazing. It’s my not so secret “secret sauce” because I recommend Shred10™ to all of my clients because they love this lifestyle too!”

– Kat Morrow

What is the Shred Movement and Nutrition Lifestyle Program?

You’ve heard of…

…or maybe even tried cleanses, diets, 12-16 hour fasting, keto, paleo, plant paradox etc. etc. The Shred10™ is an actual lifestyle change program which helps you take care of this one body you have. It’s a fun, effective, and do-able jump-start to better health. Without our health, what do we really have?

Following 10 simple guidelines, you will shred the food and habits not serving you and focus on clean living and flooding your body with whole food nutrition.

You Begin With…

You begin with a 10 days jump-start as part of a 4-month period of education and healthy changes that will revolutionize your health for years to come and it is sustainable for the rest of your life! You will also be welcomed into our Facebook community of other individuals committed to continuing on the road to healthier living.

Nourish Your Body

It all starts with “One Simple Change.” Committing to adding more fruits and veggies into your diet and flooding your body with whole food plant concentrates using Juice Plus+ Fruit, Veggie, Berry & Omega capsules and COMPLETE protein shakes is a simple first step. Juice Plus+ bridges the gap in our nutrition and intensifies our nutritional intake and aids in the cleansing and detoxification of our bodies helping give us more energy, focus and leaner bodies.

Shred10™ Shred & Cooking Guides

With your Shred10™ program you will get the Shred Guide and the 90-page Taste of the Shred Cooking Guide to plan for your new healthy lifestyle jumpstart. Healthy eating should taste good too! The recipes are easy and simple plant-based meal ideas and healthy cooking tips and tricks.

Learn more about Shred10™ to help you get motivated about what you can actually do to take your health to the next level.

Schedule a free 30 minute consultation with me and I’ll show you how you can live the Shred10 lifestyle.


Daily Detox with Shred10™

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Shred 10

A lifestyle change program that helps you take care of the one body you have. It’s a fun, effective, and do-able jump-start to better health.

Juice Plus+

Yes! The same brand proven in prestigious medical and scientific journals. Juice Plus+ whole food capsules, shakes & chews.

Tower Garden

Want a garden but don’t have the space or the ideal growing conditions? Get vertical! Tower Garden grows greens, herbs, tomatoes & vegetables indoor/outdoor year-round.

Nutrient Rich Kids

The school and community gardening program tied to academics to teach kids to grow their own food & live healthy, active lives.

Diamonds and Jewelry

Personalized concierge service to make your diamond and jewelry experience truly unique!

Freedom Revolution

Partner with us to inspire healthy living in others and create an amazing lifestyle for yourself…

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