Nutrient Rich Kids

Growing Good Health

“When kids have a hand in learning to garden and produce food, we are empowering them to live healthier lives. We forge partnerships with community sponsors to bring Tower Garden programs to local schools, community centers and other outreach programs centered around our youth.”

What is the
Nutrient Rich Kids program?

This is a school and community center gardening program tied to academics and project-based learning using the Tower Garden and the Green Bronx Machine (GBM) Classroom Curriculum. We have chosen to recommend and include the GBM programs based on their track record and outstanding results.

Much of the information and data we outline with Nutrient Rich Kids is shared by and credited to the Green Bronx Machine which states…“the curriculum uses technology-enabled lesson plans which use food and plant life cycles to teach multiple subjects. Created by administrators and educators specifically for educators, each standards-aligned lesson plan and activity set helps students meet a core academic requirement. Students foster deep knowledge about gardening, food production and health and wellness. Lesson plans focus on Science, Math and Language Arts and easily extend to Technology, History, Art and Cooking.”

“The dynamic, collaborative experience creates transformational results. Students from all walks of life are inspired to take pride in something they are building and cultivating, opening a door through which additional learning can take place. They also learn critical thinking and problem solving as they explore, discover and create their own ecosystems. And for students in high-need and low-status communities, learning to grow their own food can lead to personal and professional opportunities which can be nothing short of life changing. The Green Bronx Machine Classroom Curriculum helps educators reach students of all abilities academically while also teaching personal responsibility, building entrepreneurial skills, promoting workforce development, and transforming lives… one lesson plan and one seed at a time.“

The curriculum is licensed to each individual school or community center so it can be a collaborative experience between the GBM and the teacher or program director. GBM provides the curriculum, access, resources and education and the school or community center provides feedback and data.


Stephen Ritz & The Green Bronx Machine Story

Measurable Results

“Besides kids becoming more aware of why fruits & veggies are important to eat and giving them the opportunity to grow their own food, the reduced behavior incidents and an increase in attendance and passing rates are measurable.”

“Additional observations include increased empowerment of students, excitement around science and being on a team, and enjoying hands on activities and project based learning.”

Teachers Surveyed


In surveying the teachers who are part of the Green Bronx Machine program…100% report this program exceeded their expectations;

  • 100% would recommend this curriculum to their colleagues
  • 100% believe their students have changed their eating habits as a result of participation
  • 100% claim they believe the gardening experience had a positive impact on the students and their families.

Nutrient Rich Kids


Where is the Nutrient Rich Kids program offered?
This program is offered throughout the entire U.S. and parts of Canada.
What is a Tower Garden?
The Tower Garden is a vertical, aeroponic growing system to easily grow fresh, nutrient-rich food virtually anywhere, year-round without soil. It allows growing 20+ vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers in less than 3 square feet. Using aeroponics (the same technology NASA uses). The Tower Garden grows plants with only water and nutrients rather than dirt. Research has found aeroponic systems grow plants 3x’s faster and produce 30% greater yields on average, using 90% less water and space.

Additional Resources:
Tower Garden

Who is eligible to become of a Nutrient Rich Kids program participant?

The possibilities are endless! We are creative in bringing a Nutrient Rich Kids Tower Garden program to as many kids as possible. We invite schools, community centers or other educational facilities who support our mission of empowering kids to live active and healthy lives and want to bring this program into their own facilities to participate.

Who can become a Nutrient Rich Kids sponsor?
We encourage sponsorship’s from any individual, business, group or foundation who supports our mission to sponsor a Nutrient Rich Kids program. You can sponsor your own school or community center or you can choose one who has requested a program. We are open to the endless possibilities!
What are the levels of sponsorship?

There are three levels of sponsorship but customized programs can be developed. These are the current levels with approximate sponsorship costs. Final costs are determined when each program is designed. See our Nutrient Rich Kids sponsorship’s below.

Nutrient Rich Kids


Larger Community Garden Projects

Twelve (12) Tower Garden Kits including all Inclusions, Accessories and Curriculum listed above are available upon request.



Is there additional upkeep/purchases required for the program?

Yes, there is minimal on-going cost to maintain the Tower Gardens. There would be a need to replenish the Tower Garden Mineral Blend, Rock Wool, Net Pots and pH Test Kits but this is a minimal cost per Tower Garden. However, the actual Tower Garden is made from durable, food-grade plastic designed to last for decades if well cared for.

Is my donation tax deductible?

It may be possible your sponsorship could be eligible for a tax deduction. It is encouraged you speak with your tax professional to make that determination.

How can I become a Nutrient Rich Kids program sponsor or participant?

Use our contact form to request a free consultation with Kat Morrow, CEO., WildKat Fit.

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Nutrient Rich Kids

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