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Ever Wondered…

what it would be like to be your own boss and have a home-based business centered around healthy living and inspiring others to do the same? Are you looking to make a difference in other people’s lives? Have a desire to be a part of something greater? Make more money? Have a life you’ve always dreamed of?


Take Healthy Back!

Partnerships With Passion

I want to partner with passionate people to be part of our mission and my team to inspire healthy living around the world. You will have fun, flexibility and freedom and the opportunity to create an amazing lifestyle for yourself. The personal and professional growth you will achieve is one of the most important benefits of this exciting opportunity. And…the friendships you will make with people all over the world will be priceless. The chances to give back are boundless.

I have personally been part of this mission since 2005 and the many rewards have been extraordinary! The people I have mentored have gone on to become happier, healthier and more financially independent. I can show you how! Our success comes from helping others become healthier. It’s a very honorable way to earn our incomes.

What is The Freedom Revolution
Healthy Living Revolution

The Healthy Living Revolution and the Freedom Revolution have created a massive movement of people on a mission to inspire others to take ownership of their own health journey. We provide resources to support, community and events to encourage and educate, a simple way to flood the body with 45 fruits, vegetables, berries and omegas every day, a jump-start program to shred unhealthy habits and establish new ones and a system to grow healthy food.

The most powerful way to make a difference in the world is through giving back. We not only want to inspire healthy living but also contribute to life-changing, not-for-profit programs and initiatives that help support a well-balanced lifestyle.

This is why The Freedom Revolution and Healthy Living Revolution Movement is committed to charitable giving that impacts the lives of children and families across the globe. With this in mind, our philanthropic efforts rest on three pillars that focus on cultivating the mind, body and spirit.

We Believe.

We believe

…in educating and encouraging nutritional wellness in our youth.

We believe

…nourishment, fitness and overall physical health make lives better.

We believe

…in making a lasting social impact through sustainability and community development

Does this mission and opportunity resonate with you?

Reach out to me to learn more and schedule a time to connect.

My Services, My Brands

Shred 10

A lifestyle change program that helps you take care of the one body you have. It’s a fun, effective, and do-able jump-start to better health.

Juice Plus+

Yes! The same brand proven in prestigious medical and scientific journals. Juice Plus+ whole food capsules, shakes & chews.

Tower Garden

Want a garden but don’t have the space or the ideal growing conditions? Get vertical! Tower Garden grows greens, herbs, tomatoes & vegetables indoor/outdoor year-round.

Nutrient Rich Kids

The school and community gardening program tied to academics to teach kids to grow their own food & live healthy, active lives.

Diamonds and Jewelry

Personalized concierge service to make your diamond and jewelry experience truly unique!

Freedom Revolution

Partner with us to inspire healthy living in others and create an amazing lifestyle for yourself…

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